Our Offer

Our Cybersecurity and GRC offer

The trend of CyberSecurity attacks is increasing 

Cyber Security Attacks are considered to be the biggest threat to businesses today.

Cybercrimes will cost the world over $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Impacts can be very serious 

From service disruptions, data losses and lawsuits

to financial and reputability damages.

How we can help 

Our experience & past success are an immediate added value to your company. Our services focus on quick wins and perennial solutions.

Our offer in detail

4 Drivers to secure your Information System 

and make it a safer environment for your Business

Audit and Consulting

Audit your Information System, Provide a Risk Assessment, Propose a Mitigation Plan, Recommend scalable solutions

Change Management

Develop a project plan, Manage and follow-up project work and changes, Lead Steering Committees, Focus on quick wins ! and perennial solutions

Focus on Quality 

Work based on NIST and ISO 27xxx guidance’s, Comply with OIV, GDPR, NIS technical and legal requirements, Deliver satisfactory solutions to both IT and Business

Adapt your Governance

Instate security governance bodies, Reinforce security policies, Develop security processes, Communicate, train on best practices

That’s us! A Team of Cybersecurity Experts Auditors Architects Project Managers With Experience in Successful Cybersecurity GRC Projects ✨


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