JPMConsulting is a Consulting Company

We are experts in Cybersecurity, Governance Risk and Compliance

Who we are

Our Missions

Audit, Advisory, Project Management, Change Management

Our Experience

Pioneers in Cybersecurity

Experienced in GRC

Successful in driving forward complex international IT-Business projects

Our Clients

We mainly intervene on Cybersecurity and GRC projects and programs

We deliver services to CISOs, IS Security responsible and CIOs

Our clients

JPMConsulting clients:

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Banks

  • Insurances 

  • Defense

  • Air and Space

  • Consulting        companies

Jean-Philippe COSTE

Founder & Managing Director


Consultant to major financial and industrial groups. For twenty years Jean-Philippe has succesfully carried out strategic projects for its clients giving them leadership in their domains. 


Jean-Philippe now advises on Cybersecurity and GRC for the benefit of CISOs, Risk Managers and CIOs for whom he has already completed pioneering missions.


JPMConsulting, which he founded in 2012, is a consulting firm focused on Cybersecurity and GRC. The company is composed of experts in their fields and focused on excellence and customer satisfaction.

That’s us! A Team of Cybersecurity Experts Auditors Architects Project Managers With Experience in Successful Cybersecurity GRC Projects ✨


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